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Zenstill Analytics is an IT consulting firm focusing on cutting edge product development and service sector. The consulting group is a professionally run entity and brings to the market place innovative approach to application development using newer and relevant technologies. We have partnered with leading technology companies like IBM, VMWare and Microsoft and can assist clients in meeting their market place and customer demands. 

ZENSTILL teams expertise and industry awareness in application skills help provide a seamless and customized solution for clients in application design, development, implementation and management. Our in-depth understanding of business processes and information technology uniquely qualifies us to work with clients who wish to leverage industry best practices in application lifecycle management while focusing on strategic, core business competencies.

As one of the agile providers of consulting, systems integration and application services, ZENSTILL has great experience optimizing application investments and aligning them to business requirements. We are working on a number of areas with a view to coming up with better tools for market. Key among the areas are

1. Affiliate Marketing

2. Sports connectivity

3. Improving education in rural areas through video connectivity.

Our technology focus areas are

1. Blockchain technology

2. Data Analytics


Whether you are building new customer apps, mobilizing your employees, embedding intelligence into your products, connecting the ecosystem of suppliers and distributors to real-time information, the ability to design and release ideas with speed is critical.
  Today’s hyper-fast and highly competitive environment does not wait for innovation or tolerate less than expected user experiences. Experience and speed can be difficult to achieve as companies look to minimize cost of infrastructure build while looking to use information technology to increase growth and revenue. We help create applications that make meaningful interactions and ongoing relationships with your stakeholders at the speed the business requires. We deliver quality applications within the budgetary constraints of the business .

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Mobility is about putting business in motion, with anyone, anywhere, anytime. Today’s Mobile leaders are doing more to integrate mobile into the fabric of their business. We can build apps in native or hybrid framework (ionic and xamarin) in accelerated delivery framework.

  Collect dozens of app usage metrics and create custom business metrics based on in-app usage events to help determine where to next invest in your app. Use built-in flexible and interactive reports to enable dashboard views of app usage, allowing you to drill down to details and identify trends. Write app business logic, expose them as REST API endpoints, and document in Swagger to promote collaboration and to simplify testing.


Our customized Ecommerce solution let’s you choose your design from our many templates and easily integrate your data to create a nice looking site that can connect well with your target audience. We offer a low cost initial investment to get your site up and running and move onto a SaaS based payment. Our payment model makes it easy for anyone to venture into the Ecommerce world without any risky upfront investment on hardware or software. We provide complete hosting solution and what’s more we also let you change the design every six months at no cost.
All our Ecommerce sites are integrated with Payment gateway Google Analytics and custom built administration tools that let you provide targeted marketing to your customer base through email marketing, discount coupons or special promotions for select customers Our Ecommerce solutions are built using Opencart and Magento and are robust enough to handle large volumes of data. We also provide hosting support for your websites so you have no additional expenses to worry about.

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