Modules available in Zenconnect

1.The college management / one or more member(s) act as administrator in ensuring over all content and moderate where required
2.Administrators can set up events and bulk email groups.
3.Allows setting up of the product for a college or University
4.Fund raising options available for colleges. Makes it easy to request funds from captive and most receptive audience
5.User management allows validating user base, thereby making sure only authorized members participate in the group.
6.Personal and professional profile

Allows members to maintain their personal information as well as professional information in separate sections, Allows for demarcation of their personal and professional life and helps fellow students seeking help where needed, Gallery (Allows for uploading of Images and videos)

1.Option to connect with your batchmates
2.Create interest based events
3.Seek help with Career
5.Create public and private groups for different interests.
6.Private group membership is only on invite
7.Public group membership is open to all members.