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We look to select people with talent, skill and passion to work hard, learn new things, and deliver better value to company and clients. We want our team to act with passion and warmth, every day promoting a work environment that encourages teamwork.

We believe that pushing boundaries of knowledge is a way of life which gives a wonderful opportunity for hard working individuals to improve their personal and professional life.At Zenstill we provide our staff Training and Development Programs, focused on the development of the human being, technical, administrative and operational skills. Every day we work to create an environment that fosters innovation and encourages individuals to experiment new ideas.

Work will involve being seriously challenged to try harder and come up with innovative solutions. Our standards are high so be prepared to flex your grey matter or skip calling us! If you would like to be part of the zenstill family, please send us your profile and we will gladly take a look and contact you based on our needs.

People working at zenstill have an enormous learning curve, in an atmosphere which resembles that of working in a Western IT company. We are very often visited by our clients, and all our staff has direct contact with them. Almost all senior staff has been groomed and trained from within the company. This means that the growth path of anybody entering our company is virtually unlimited. Are you interested in working for Zenstill? Send your CV to: